Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Family Law

family law

family law

So yesterday I was working on a case and I received a call. The caller said that they knew I was a divorce lawyer and that I practiced divorce law, but they wanted to know if I was a family law attorney and if I practiced family law.

Watch this video I just made about this topic:

I almost laughed because I thought it was clear to the entire world that divorce lawyers practiced family law. Then it hit me – it’s not obvious.

In fact, I know some lawyers that only do some types of divorce work. They are scared to do contested divorces because they know that they are no good in court, so they only do uncontested cases.

I know other lawyer who do some adoptions but won’t do guardianship cases.

So, let me put it out here plain and simple.

We do family law in our office. We do divorces, modifications of divorce decrees, adoptions, child custody cases, child support cases, surrogacy cases, guardianship cases, mediation, and all other types of family law. We love going to court and fighting for our clients and at the same time, we love doing the uncontested cases as well. We aren’t scared of court and we are passionate about fighting for our client’s rights. We care about our clients and I believe that it shows.

Now, with that said, we also don’t take ever case that comes in our office. We offer free consultations; however, if its not a good fit, or if we find out our clients lie to us, we will not represent them. We want to feel good about the work we do each day, just like you want to feel good about the work that you do.

So, do we practice Family Law?

yes. We do.

So, if you have a family law question or concerns, please give us a call 801-676-5507 – I look forward to helping you!

Divorce in Utah

Divorce in Utah

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