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How Do I Change My Divorce Decree?

How Do I Change My Divorce Decree?

A client asked me after we finished his case, how do I change my divorce decree?

As soon as the court enters a decree of divorce, it might be changed only if you can show that there has actually been a considerable as well as material change in circumstances from the time the decree of divorce was entered.

What is a Substantial Change in Circumstances?

Think for a huge adjustment in one party’s income, or the fact that one party moves from the Utah to California.

This is a substantial change in

Once the court finds that there is a significant change in conditions, then it has to establish exactly what the order needs to be. When a court looks at changing child custody for example, the court will constantly base its decision on the best interest of the kids. You’ve heard of the best interests of the child standard – that still applies here. In case of a substantial change, you need to file a petition to modify decree of divorce with the court. There is a filing fee and then a summons is issued and your ex is served with the modification petition.

It is very similar to staring your divorce case all over again.

If you need help modifying or changing your divorce decree, please give us a call.

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