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Can You Date While You’re In The Middle of a Divorce?

can you date while you’re in the middle of a divorce
Can You Date While You’re In The Middle of a Divorce?
This was the question I received yesterday.
I understand why someone would bring this up. I mean, if you have already mentally checked out of your marriage and you have no intention of reconciliation, then you are probably looking for someone to be your new companion. All of us, have a built-in instinct (at least I believe we all do), that makes us want to have a companion or someone to share our lives with. We want to be with someone who loves and cares for us, who makes us happy.
Is during divorce the right time to do it?
That is up to you.
So, there is no law that I am aware of that prohibits you from talking to a member of the opposite sex (or the same sex) while your in divorce. In fact, I know many of our clients have dated during their divorce. It is always best to be up front with these people and to tell them the truth so that they are aware of your situation. You surely don’t want to deceive another.
At the same time, I wouldn’t advise you to go live with a girlfriend or boyfriend until the divorce has been finalized. Remember, if you are being sued for divorce on the grounds of adultery, then this could be used as evidence against you in court. After all, you are married until the judge signs your decree of divorce.
Remember, every case is different. If your soon to be ex-spouse finds out, will he or she contact their lawyer and make a huge deal about it, causing you additional stress and financial costs with more acrimony and fighting in court? If so, be careful he or she does not find out. I would also advise you to do this AFTER you have physically separated and are living apart.
It’s not illegal.
Every situation is different.
If you still have questions, please give us a call.
I hope to help you in your divorce case.

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