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Divorce in Utah 2017

Well, it’s 2017 and Happy New Year to Everyone!

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We are having fun today at Ascent Law and I wanted to tell everyone about one of the meetings I had today with a client. Don’t worry, I’m not going to reveal anything confidential about our client – we keep our client’s confidences.

But, I think it is interesting and it helps people understand the process better.

This is a divorce case.

In this case, the parties are separated. He lives in another state. The mother lives in Utah. They have 1 child together.

Our client, the mother, believed that she was going to have an “uncontested” divorce in Utah. Meaning, that the parties weren’t going to fight and that they would come to terms.

The reason we were meeting was because that didn’t happen.

The case was filed and her husband refuses to cooperate with her.

The husband doesn’t want to see their 8 year old child and hasn’t seen their child for over a year (since they separated).

Yet, the husband told her he wants “joint custody” of their child.

This is physically impossible because the parties’ aren’t rich and can’t afford to fly the 8-year-old across the country every week.

Joint custody means that the father would be seeing his child and having overnight visits weekly. Can’t happen. Yet, that is what he wants.

Because he is being this way and refuses to let our client have sole custody, we need to go to court.

The reason I bring this up is for 2 reasons.

First, oftentimes we think our ex will be reasonable. After all, you married this person and you love them or loved them. However, what we have seen over the years of practicing family law and hundreds of divorce cases is that just because they were reasonable or rational at one time does not mean that your ex will be reasonable in the future.

Second, the court system is slow and the process is not quick. We’ve mentioned before that there is a minimum of a 90 day waiting period for a divorce in Utah; however, keep in mind that it can take years if your ex wants to fight. There isn’t much we can do to speed the case up when the other party wants to drag things out.

Keep that in mind in your own case.

I hope you’ve found this article helpful.

We want to help you if you have a divorce in Utah or other family law issue, please give us a call 801-676-5506.

Thank you and take care –

Divorce in Utah

Divorce in Utah

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