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I’m getting a divorce – Should I Get My Own Bank Account?

I love talking to new divorce clients. It’s one of my favorite things to do during the day. You see, when you help people for a living, there is this joy – this excitement, this feeling like you’ve done something good for someone. Okay, so – today I was asked the question:

I’m getting a divorce, so should i get my own bank account?

The answer to this question is: YES!

i’m getting a divorce should i get my own bank account

You should absolutely get your own bank accounts if you are getting divorced. In fact, if you haven’t yet separated, you should open your own bank account and transfer half of your joint bank account money into your own account.

Why do this? The answer is because while you are married, you are entitled to one-half of everything that is jointly owned by you and your spouse. It isn’t stealing to take what is yours and put it into a different bank account.

I have seen cases where one party – I’ve seen both husbands and wives – both spouses do this – where they go and drain the entire bank account and you are left within nothing! Not good. Don’t do that. Don’t stoop down to that level.

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