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Can I Stop My Spouse For Divorcing Me?

Can I Stop My Spouse For Divorcing Me?

So I was asked the question: Can I Stop My Spouse For Divorcing Me? Is there any way to stop it? If I want to, can I force my wife/husband to stay married to me? What if I refuse to sign the papers. I won’t give him/her a divorce. Can I prevent it?

The short answer is no.

In essence it is impossible to stop your husband or wife from getting a divorce in Utah if one spouse wants it done. So even if you don’t want the divorce, it will happen.

With that said, there are things that you can do to slow it down. The question is: is it worth it?

It can be very expensive to slow a divorce case down. This isn’t always in your best interest or your spouse’s best interests.

How can you slow a divorce down?

The primary method to slow a divorce case is by disagreeing with what your spouse has requested in the petition for divorce.

The petition for divorce (also called a complaint for divorce) is what is filed with the district court to start the divorce process in Utah.

If you disagree with everything and never reach an agreement with your spouse in mediation or along the way, then the case will ultimately go to a trial on the merits. At trial, the judge will grant the divorce, and it will cost a lot of money and time to get there, but if you want to slow it down, that is how you do it.

Should I Just Give My Spouse What They Want?

No. You should never just give your spouse what he or she wants. You should always review the petition or settlement agreement with an attorney before signing it. Even if you do eventually sign it, you should know all of your rights, responsibilities and obligations. You should know what you could or would get in court. If you want to give everything away, great, but you should know before hand what you would get in court. Also, you need to keep in mind that you may not be able to change it later — in fact, it can be very very difficult to change your divorce decree later.

You should do everything that you can to make sure the divorce decree has in it what you want or you may very well regret it in the future.

I hope this has been helpful to you.

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