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Custody Battles

utah custody battle attorney

I was asked whether we do custody battles.

Yes, we do.

What is a Custody Battle?

A custody battle is when you and your ex fight over who should have custody of the kids. Typically, it is about physical custody. Meaning where the kids spend the night.

There is some confusion about physical custody, but the standard in Utah looks at where the child spends the night. If the child spends the night at your house the majority of the time, then you are said to have primary physical custody. If you have more than 111 overnights in a year each, then you have a joint physical custody situation. If you have 255 or more overnights in a year, then you have sole physical custody. This is simple math. The more overnights you get the better off you are in terms of custody.

How to Win a Custody Battle

The best way to win a custody battle is to not engage in petty behaviors like name calling and treating the other parent like crap. You want to take the higher road.

The next step is to begin gathering facts as to why the kids should be with you. For example, who helps the kids with homework? Is it you? Then we need to put down how often you do that.

Are you teaching the kids responsibility by giving them chores to do? We need that information – get that to us.

And just like that, we take each thing that you are doing for your kids and we outline it to the judge.

Also, and this is very important — you don’t want anything negative. If there is anything negative, we want to end it so you can be riding on the white horse saving your kids.

Facts make or break a custody battle, so you want to have all the facts on your side.

You be the parent that your kids need and we show it to the judge. You can come out as a winner if we do this right.


If you are ready to win your custody battle, give us a call. We’re ready to help you.

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